Welcome to “Our HallWay” a collection of websites from Barry & Sandi. Via our sites you will be able to join us on our Adventures on the Road, in the Kitchen, Sandi’s Art Studio; and read about Sandi’s fifteen year long journey with chronic pain.

We hope our sites bring you enjoyment, knowledge and a look into our world; we also would love for you to leave comments our websites.

Since we designed “Our HallWay” as a collection of websites, you can follow the individual sites that interest you.

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About disneydad55

American and California Native born to emigrant Canadian parents. Married for 32 years to my Best Friend!!!, and have a Beautiful Daughter. I enjoy traveling and have only ten states and six provinces to go before I have visited all of the United States and Canada.

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  1. David Abramson

    Go Barry and Sandy!!

    I have to tell you, your daughters talk at the party made me cry. That’s how I want my daughter to see me. You are a blessed man, Barry Hall; now get out there and travel.
    I have to tell you, I have become very partial to the North Coast lately. Not just because I’m a salmon fisherman either. It is so beautiful up there and the communities need our tourist $$. The lumber industry decline and the pot farmer messes have not been kind to the economy.
    If you go, check out the Blue Ox Mill in Eureka. It’s the last of the hand powered wood shops that specializes in Redwood gingerbread for the SF Victorians.
    Happy Trails! -Dave


    1. disneydad55 Post author

      Hi Dave,
      Thank you for your kind words about my daughter, and yes I do consider myself a blessed man. We do love the North Coast and need to get back up there soon.
      Thanks for commenting!!!



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