Have you been following our 2020 Fall Road Trip???

This trip we’ve already been through six states, with five more to go!!! You can follow us by going to our “Rollin’ Down the Hallway” page by just clicking the link at the top of this page. We’ve had a lot of fun, seen a lot and as always are discovering more to come back to next time!!!! Here are some shots of our trip so far!!!

2020 Fall Road Trip – Fire Evacuation

IMG_1033Hello from Coalinga California.  Yes we have started our 2020 Fall Road Trip, but it has begun a week early as we were evacuated from our home today thanks to the Napa, Sonoma and Vacaville fires.

We left early, and so glad we did as looking at Apple Maps the streets around our neighborhood are all “RED”.  We listen to God and got out of Dodge….or Vacaville in our case.  You can read more and follow our 2020 Fall Road Trip by going to our “Rollin’ Down the Hallway” page.

Here is a shot of the sunrise this morning at our home in Vacaville!

Barry’s Thoughts and Quirks – The Names have been Restored!!!

As we were rolling past the Yosemite Chapel yesterday morning I read “Curry Village” on a sign, but didn’t process anymore than that as I don’t need directions to anything in Yosemite.   A few moments later I realized I was reading the original sign “Curry Village” not “Half Dome Village” which had been covering up the words “Curry Village” since February 2016.  Excited that the name was back, we had to check out and see if the Ahwahnee was back, and it was….the name Majestic was removed that was hiding the name Ahwahnee.IMG_1109

Somehow we missed the news, but on Monday morning July 15th the naming rights lawsuit was settled with Delaware North Companies (DNC) .  DNC was the parks concessionaire from 2001 to 2016, and they believed that they owed the name Curry Village that was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Curry in 1899, the Ahwahnee founded in 1927, Wawona founded in 1856 and Badger Pass Ski resort (oldest in California) founded in 1935.  (You can read more about these wonderful spots in my posts on “Rollin’ Down the Hallway”, just click on Yosemite on the navigation links on the right side of the “Rollin’ Down the Hallway” page.img_1111.jpg

Three years ago Sandi and I along with millions of Americans sent letters to our Congressional Representatives to go after DNC and get back the parks names.  As a result of the problems with DNC new concessionaire contracts for all National Park will include new language regarding intellectual property so this will never happens again.

Our visit to the park was a brief one as we were celebrating Sandi’s birthday.  While there we noticed a LOT of changes throughout the park’s eateries…..I’ll be updating my blog “Yosemite Village and Visitor Center’ from the summer of 2014 with news about the changes.  So look for the updates in eight weeks when we return to Yosemite for a long weekend with Family!

Barry’s Thoughts and Quirks – Sunrise Deck

IMG_1098This coming Tuesday would have been my Dad’s 97th Birthday, and I thank him everyday for what he has taught me.  Together Sandi and I completed her “Sunrise” deck!!!   So now my brother, Rich, should be happy that Sandi has a new redwood deck to see the sunrise above the Sierras. img_1099.jpg

My Dad always tried to keep the scraps down to a minimum, I think he would be happy with my scrap pile.


Here are plans, lumber and hardware needed to build this 5’x6′ deck that is 32″ tall at the deck and against a wall.


Sunrise Deck…..a work in progress

For a year and a half we have been blessed with the most amazing sunrises, a full shot of the northern Sierras and Mount Shasta. I can seen them just fine from our bedroom and kitchen windows; Sandi can see our back wall. One day shortly after we moved in my brother, Rich, told me in his own way that I should build Sandi a deck. At first I was like it would never work, then I started doing some research. Here is the next part of the story, a work in progress…..

My Dad would be so proud of us, yes Sandi is my sole mate and helper! It is my plan to have it done by Saturday as we are not home on the 4th or 5th. Final photos to follow!!!

Barry’s Thoughts and Quirks

A year and a half ago we moved to Trilogy, not wanting to be in an “Active Adult 55+” or “HOA” again! Well let me tell you, I love living in Trilogy (Active Adult 55+ and HOA) with all it’s amenities. Yesterday after I finished my two 1/2 mile speed walks and a circuit on the weight machines (between the two walks) I got a Diet Coke from the Vista Cafe to enjoy while I waited for Sandi to finish her swim. This is the life, if you’re still young and working, this is what your working towards!!!

My View!

After 45 years of working for someone else, I now work for me!!!

Our “Last Thoughts” from our 2019 Spring Road Trip

IMG_0966Our “Last Thoughts” and things we forgot to tell you about our 2019 Spring Road Trip has been posted on “Rollin’ Down the Hallway”.  This post has a LOT of pictures with a lot of color.

As we finish settling in back at home, we are excited about our next trips.  The summer will see us traveling near home in North California; then this fall we will be visiting sixteen states four that are on the other side of the Mississippi or as Clark Griswold said “ the mighty Miss, the old miss, the old man…..Deep River”.  We have done some of this route before, but wait we will be visiting some new sites along the way!!!