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New Posts in Rollin’ Down the Hallway!

I have had a few challenges with the internet over the last week, so the posts are getting up a little late.  I will hopefully be caught up by Monday evening.  I also have been battling melanoma in situ on my face having two surgeries before we left for this road trip.  I received a call from Kaiser earlier this week that I need to go back for a third attempt at getting a clean report, thus I was a little depressed and had a hard time writing.  I got my stuff back together and I’m feeling good about the third surgery.

It is my hope that my blogs bring you joy and inspire you to travel this great land.  I can’t wait to share with you our day in Vancouver B.C., my Dad’s home town.  I always look forward to my visits, even if they are short, to this wonderful city that my Dad loved.

Here is a shot from our last visit in 2013!  IMG_0202

Updating Our Sites!!!

IMG_0056Sandi and I are both working on our sites, adding new content and updating there look and feel.  Please let us know what you like and don’t like about the new layouts via the “Leave a Reply” at the top of each post.  You can also now send us an email via the new main menu button “Contact Barry & Sandi”.  Don’t forget to “Follow Us” on each specific site that interests you (Cotton & Silk, Cooking in the Hallway”, etc.) so you will be alerted when we have a new post.

We look forward to hearing from you, and having you follow us Down Our Hallway!!!

Snow in July, no Hail!!!

Being a native Californian of parents that loved to travel I’ve been in the Sierra’s in all kinds of weather; and know that you should ALWAYS be prepared for all kinds of sudden changes in the weather. Read and see more shots more in “Rollin Down the Hallway”!!!