Moving on North to Sedona

Have you been following us on “Rollin’ Down the HallWay”???  Or our newest addition “Sandi’s Pic of the Day”???   We had a great time in Southern California and Chandler Arizona (Phoenix Area), and now are moving north to Sedona.  This is our third visit to Sedona and I’m sure will be our best.  We have dedicated five days to the Sedona region and are looking forward to sharing with you our adventures and discoveries.  So, please check in to both “Rollin’ Down the HallWay” and “Sandi’s Pic of the Day”!!!

We have been enjoying the comments, and hope you will leave some that will help us improve your experience on our new websites.

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About disneydad55

American and California Native born to emigrant Canadian parents. Married for 32 years to my Best Friend!!!, and have a Beautiful Daughter. I enjoy traveling and have only ten states and six provinces to go before I have visited all of the United States and Canada.

3 thoughts on “Moving on North to Sedona

  1. bree

    My friend Lashanda and I had breakfast next to you in Sedona and really enjoyed meeting you. I look forward to reading all about your adventures.

    Safe travels,



    1. disneydad55 Post author

      We will never forget the two of you and your story. I’m sure our paths will cross again, as you to love to travel. If you want to put a great travel idea in Lashanda’s head have her read days 6-9 of our 2013 Elise’s Graduation Trip. I KNOW you two will love the area!!!
      Say hi to Lashanda,
      Barry and Sandi



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