Barry’s Thoughts and Quirks – Veteran’s Day and My Heroes

5996534-6375307-The_Camp_Fire_above_completely_engulfed_the_town_of_Paradise_in_-a-40_1541893800337Today we are inside due to the air outside being full of smoke from the Camp Fire in Paradise;  we have been and will continue to be praying for all in Paradise, the First Responders and Fire Fighters.  Due to being locked inside it was a good day to do some minor plumbing work on our two toilets, as the gaskets are just over ten years old and starting to have some issues.  Usually any plumbing project takes me three trips to Ace, today I did it without even one trip as I already had bought the parts.  I’m not a fan of plumbing projects, but I can handle them…..thanks to a VETERAN or two…….my Dad and Brother!!!!   

Untitled 2My Dad served during WWII in the Canadian Army in the Medical Core stationed for most of his service in Ottawa, Ontario, 3,000 miles from his home in Vancouver, British Columbia.  It’s a good thing he was stationed in Ottawa as he was housed in the house next door to my Grandparents home where my Mom was living and working as a Civil Servant in the payroll office for the Canadian Army Troops in Europe.  My parents got married after the war.

My Brother served during the Vietnam War in the American Army in the Signal Core stationed for one (VERY LONG) year in Pleiku, Vietnam.  Rich and I are close today; and stayed close while he served writing back and forth each week.  Writing to Rich became an extend Hall Family gathering tradition as our Auntie Phil would have some funny way of us all writing him a Family combined letter; one time it was on adding machine paper and the funniest was the time we wrote him on toilet paper still on the roll. 

Rich and I learned a lot from our Dad; and Rich has always been one of my biggest cheer leaders!!!  Our Dad taught us our work ethic, common sense and respect.  When doing home projects that respect extended to electricity, gas, and hot water. 


Matt’s Facebook Post:  Rich with Charlie his Grandson who is named after our Dad

Rich has taught me to never give up, as he never gives up.  The simplest of things like communicating can be difficult for him, especially the last twenty-six years of dealing with the aftermath of a major stroke.  Rich struggles just to get out one word that is stuck in his head, but he doesn’t give up and is one of the best communicators I know.
Our Nephew summed it up today on Facebook (Sandi showed me on her Facebook as I’m no longer on it).  Matt simply said “Thankful for this Veteran”…….I am too.  

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