Thank You Apple – Barry’s Thoughts and Quirks

IMG_0215Today while waiting for some iPhone support at the new Walnut Creek Apple Store we witnessed for about the fifth time, a young man (in the blue shirt) sweeping up pebbles from the plaza’s sidewalk.  This  Apple Store has a wonderful outside seating area for customers to enjoy while waiting for service.  The first time we saw him was in September.  At that time Sandi said something to him about the pebbles he was sweeping up; boy he was ready to share that Apple employs him to keep the area clean and safe.  He was proud of his job.  Many of the people that shop in Downtown Walnut Creek make more in a day than he probably makes in a month, but I don’t think any are as proud and thankful of his job as him.  Thank you Apple for giving people that have mental or developmental challenges the opportunity to succeed.  I only wish that I was able to video him when he was in full action as his spirit gave me a lift today.

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