I’m 65…..and I took a Road Trip

IMG_5307So I turned 65 on January 12th, and to celebrate I asked for and received a Mini Road Trip which you can find out more about on the “Rollin’ Down the Hallway” page.




Here are a few teaser pictures of our week long celebration!!!!

3 thoughts on “I’m 65…..and I took a Road Trip

  1. Gail Greenberg

    Hi Barry, Happy Birthday. I’m not sure if I sent you a greeting before. On the 14th I had knee replacement surgery. I’m doing well. But was thinking of you around our birthdays. Hope you and Sandi had a great trip Gail

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  2. Ellen Muir

    Hi Barry and Sandy (and Gail G, if you check back).
    Happy Birthday. I am a Capricorn as well. We went to Freight and Salvage to see an Afro Cuban band on my Bday and had excellent cajun food at Angeline’s in Berkeley

    Happy belated birthday. My motto is you can celebrate your birthday 30 days either side of the actual date (or both sides=60 days). I am auditing a Master Gardner class most Thursdays, doing a bit of leadership coaching and trying to learn about fungi. See the movie Fabulous Fungi if you can. Even if you don’t like them, the photography is incredible. I am a sucker for time lapse photography and plants growing.
    Liz Baumann’s retirement party is March 21st in Alameda, if you feel like seeing some of the old crowd. Most of us of our (greatest) generation, before all of the initiatives of the month season started, are gone. However we will be back to celebrate Liz’s contributions.



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