2020 Fall Road Trip – Fire Evacuation

IMG_1033Hello from Coalinga California.  Yes we have started our 2020 Fall Road Trip, but it has begun a week early as we were evacuated from our home today thanks to the Napa, Sonoma and Vacaville fires.

We left early, and so glad we did as looking at Apple Maps the streets around our neighborhood are all “RED”.  We listen to God and got out of Dodge….or Vacaville in our case.  You can read more and follow our 2020 Fall Road Trip by going to our “Rollin’ Down the Hallway” page.

Here is a shot of the sunrise this morning at our home in Vacaville!

2 thoughts on “2020 Fall Road Trip – Fire Evacuation

  1. Gail Greenberg

    Oh no. Hope your home stays safe. What about your daughter and her family? Are they in danger? Gail

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